Here's what people are saying about their experience in Raising an Advocate 101.

"As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to connect with my students, whether they come from a different background as me or not. Having a connection between teacher and student is crucial for any teaching to be done. As a millennial, I've grown up somewhat sheltered, with a very conservative view on what is happening all around us in society. I've often had questions regarding race, religion, and self growth and I was never in a position where I felt that I could get answers. After finding Danielle on Instagram and realizing we had mutual hobbies and passions, I saw that she had a blog that discussed these topics. I sent her an email, reaching out. She added me on Facebook and I discovered her plans for Raising An Advocate. I felt that Danielle was a trusted source, who was open with her thoughts and opinions.

The Raising An Advocate course really shook me to my foundation. As I've said, being a white, twenty something female from a conservative family in the South, I have only heard a certain side. The articles within the course are eye-opening; they cause you to step back and examine YOUR place within society. The activities are very thought-provoking and caused me to question my beliefs and ideas that I previously had. The discussions were rich and (although there were heavy topics) positive. I felt that I had a safe place to freely express myself respectfully and learn.

I can honestly say that I took more out of the Raising An Advocate class than I did a multitude of my college classes while working toward my degree. The entire experience was wonderful, and although it did require homework on my part, it was enjoyable. My questions were answered and I feel confident in my ability to speak of a number of issues. I feel that I can be more active in my community and in my classroom because of this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to listen and have a conversation - it truly is eye opening and well thought out. Danielle is a fantastic facilitator and has created a course that helps with self recognition; she gives you the tools and knowledge to be a true advocate on your own." ~Summer (student in the July '16 course)

"I had been reading the Mamademics blog for some time, but found Danielle’s class “RaA 101: Exposing the Three Ps – Privilege, Prejudice, and Pride” in a moment of good luck when I was looking for resources to help me talk to my son about racism in our community. The readings and exercises helped me work through my thoughts about our privilege as a family, my personal prejudices, and helped me see more clearly the ways that I was, and was not, modeling the kind of person I want my kids to be. Our group conversations with Danielle, though, really helped me formulate a concrete list of things I can be doing now, in my family, in my work, in my community." ~Vanessa (student in the July '16 class)