Intersectional Feminism 101

taught by Danielle Slaughter
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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Intersectional Feminism 101
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Course Overview
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Intersectional Feminism: What Do Those Words Mean Again?
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What's Your Story?: Personal Identity Exploration
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At The Intersection of Feminism and Race
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At The Intersection of Feminism and Sexuality
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At the Intersection of Feminism and Social Class
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The Finale
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Course description


Still don't know what intersectionality really means? Are you struggling with the idea of intersectional feminism?

This self-paced course will demystify intersectional feminism by taking you through five different modules. Each module breaks down intersectional feminism into small pieces through readings, videos, journal prompts and interactive activities. You will leave this course with a better understanding of your own identities and the role they play in your understanding of feminism.

In addition, purchasing this course provides you access to a private FB group full of other people taking the course as well.

The learning won't stop once you're finished with each modules because there's a helpful download full of reading material to go through on your own schedule.

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Danielle Slaughter
Danielle Slaughter